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Expand Your Customer Base, Include Harley EFI Tuning

  • Harley introduced EFI in ’95
  • Since ’07 ALL Harleys are Fuel Injected
  • Over 350,000 Harleys manufactured every year
  • Harleys’ Delphi EFI is one of the most sophisticated found in the motorcycle industry today
  • The SERT is the most comprehensive tool for tuning a Harley and the least understood
  • A Top Quality tune will range from $350 to over $700
  • Your Dyno tuning staff can be confident and proficient in Harley SERT tuning.
  • Training covers everything from installing the SERT, running the Dyno and analyzing the data to a finished tuned bike.

Training Available On-Site at Your Location or Ours

Training consists of two instructors for two days. There is no set time limit, depending on the technicians experience and detail of explanations required, it can be anywhere from 8-12 hours per day.

Training is available at our FactoryPro Dyno facility OR on-site at your location using the equipment your technicians are familiar with. Copies of all the data, maps, dyno runs and documentation are supplied after completion for future reference. This course is the result of hundreds of hours of FactoryPro dyno time refining SERT tuning techniques. We can usually arrange to have a Harley available, from your local area, for tuning at your facility if needed.

No Stone Left Unturned

We’ll take your technician through every step of the process. From strapping the bike down to rolling it off with a complete tune.

Some of the topics covered
  • File organization for easy comparison and review
  • Installation and configuration of the SERT
  • SERT tuning techniques
  • Installation and configuration of Data Mode
  • Analyzing and understanding data runs
  • Dyno setup and configuration for Harley tuning
  • Proper configuration for Step and Sweep runs
  • Producing comparable Step and Sweep runs
  • Obtaining accurate and consistent gas readings
  • Applying gas readings to map changes
  • SERT for Delphi Fuel Injection ‘01-Present
  • SERT for Magneti Marelli Fuel Injection ’95-’01
  • HD Ignition tuner for ’04-’06 Carburetor models
  • HD Adj Map Ignition ’99-’03 Carburetor models
  • Pros and Cons of using SERT vs. Other tuning devices in a Harley application

Meet the Instructors

Bruce Bean,
Accredited Harley Davidson mechanic for over 18 years.

Independent performance shop owner specializing in performance Harley cylinder head porting. “Bean” brings extensive knowledge and experience in Harley Engine Theory, Performance and Combustion Science.

Georges Saucier,
Computer Network Engineer.

Designed and manufactured performance aftermarket electronic ignitions for Harley Davidson’s. Georges brings a comprehensive working knowledge of EFI and Harley engine theory. His computer background allows him to thoroughly explain and teach the programs related to SERT tuning and dyno operation.

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